July 20th, 2017 IEC Conference

7/12/2017 1:03:12 PM

IBEW LU 347 and Principal Financial Group’s

Investment Energy Conference

Race to the Finish

Retirement is just around the next curve.  To win that race you need an Investment strategy that will weather the road.   Plan on attending the July 20 th Investment Energy Conference (IEC) racing event, presented by IBEW Local 347 and Principal Financial Group.   There will be guest speakers to discuss your investment options, provide market

updates and answer any questions you may have.

Thursday, July  20th

5:30-7:00 Dinner and soft drinks provided by Jethro’s BBQ

7:00-10:00 Racing, video games, table g ames!

Challenge your friends, setup team challenges, or just experience the thrill of driving the fastest electric go-karts o  n a unique indoor track.

1350 SE Gateway Dr. 108 Grimes, IA  50111

As with all of life’s races, you’ll want to hear the latest information about the market to make your race to retirement successful.  Dale Roshek from Roshek Financial will be at the event to provide you this information.

Please RSVP :  Misty (515) 243-1924   or   Email  MRTurner@ibewlu347.org