Members Action Alert!


Our electrical licensing is under attack and we need you to call and email your State Senator to advocate for the removal of the electrical examining and plumbing board merger from SSB 3172. We also need you to call and email your State Representative to thank them for NOT having the merger in HSB 710 and request that it stay out of any amendment moving forward.

IBEW Board Merger Mobilization

Please call or email your local legislators. Please reference the talking points below to craft your message and answer questions.

Find Your Legislators: Please find their contact information by entering your address at the following link or using the attached database:

WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to use the talking points below and send a personalized message outlining IBEW’s opposition to the proposed board merger.

IBEW Proposed Board Merger Talking Points

  • IBEW supports maintaining the current Iowa Electrical Examining board structure to ensure safety standards are upheld and provide the necessary knowledge and expertise for oversight in the electrical industry
  • Worker safety is IBEW’s primary concern regarding board membership; without the proper experts providing essential input and oversight, inappropriate licensure and code changes can quickly create unsafe working conditions for Iowa’s high demand workforce
  • IBEW is committed to ensuring the right industry professionals are making decisions regarding licensure standards and implementation of the National Electric Code
  • As proposed, the reduction in members of the merged electrical, plumbing, and building code review board with just seven members, reduced from 28, is inadequate to ensure the proper experts and industry representation are included to provide the important safety guidance required in the electrical industry
  • Representation is needed from licensed electricians, electrical contractors, inspectors, engineers, and to ensure union and non-union balance
  • To meet industry demands and worker safety requirements, the electrical examining board should remain separate from the plumbing and building code review boards.